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The best Spanish language immersion program abroad for University students

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What’s the biggest challenge you face when it comes to taking your Spanish to the next level?
To speaking comfortably and fluidly and using a wider vocabulary?
To getting that job offer that requires you to be bilingual or preparing you?
To move to Spain for your university studies?

For most people finding native (or advanced) Spanish speaking partners to practice with is the most difficult part of learning Spanish beyond the basics. Even when you travel to Spain to try to become immersed in the language it’s difficult to find partners who have unlimited time to coach you one on one and converse with you about a wide range of topics. Well, impossible really!

You end up using only the Spanish you feel comfortable with. And  still speaking English more than half of the time.

Tried intensive classes? They are great! Except at the end of each class you go home and back to speaking english and you don’t retain the majority of what you just learned.

It’s hard to move past this point. Past the point of wanting to be much better at Spanish but not really morphing as quickly as you’d like into that impressive anglo who can speak Spanish without halted speech and who always (ok mostly) uses the correct verb forms & articles.



Whatever your situation or your reasons for wanting to advance your Spanish significantly and quickly, participating in an immersion program like Pueblo Español where you are literally immersed in the Spanish language and culture every hour of every day (with Native Speakers!) for 8 days will help you reach your goals. Faster than you can imagine, and while having a lot of fun.

Oh and the hotels are super nice and the food is amazing!

Yeah, speaking Spanish every minute of every day is hard work for your brain-you may feel it’s impossible at first. But, believe us (because we’ve seen it over and over for years) by the middle of the program you’ll be really excited and having fun and by the end of the program you won’t want to leave. You’ll amaze yourself with how much MORE you can say and how much better you can say it!

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  • 8 days of full Spanish immersion
  • 100+ hours of contact with the language
  • 1:1 ratio with native speakers your same age
  • Learn in a fun, non-classroom environment/li>
  • Only Spanish allowed!
    • Full room and board
    • Transport from and to Madrid
    • 7 nights in a beautiful hotel
  • Local excursions
  • Insurance coverage
  • Experienced staff members leading the program and activities

The full program price for the program, including full room and board in a shared room, transport to and from Madrid to the venue, the excursions, material and insurance is 1,380€.

Your other expenses include your travel to Spain. You would have to arrive in Madrid, Spain one day before the start of the program and schedule to leave one day after it’s finished. Your only expense during the program would be drinks outside of meals and souvenirs!

Do you want to extend your stay in Spain? You can volunteer for Pueblo Inglés Twenty!!

¡Piensa en Español, vive la experiencia!


Pueblo Español activities are oriented and organized for a complete immersion in the Spanish language, equivalent to up to two months of living among Spaniards! The intensity and the uniqueness of the experience make it hard to compare to traditional classes. With the help of our expert staff we provide over 100 hours of contact with native Spanish speakers who are carefully selected for each program and who are eager to meeting you and helping you reach your linguistic goal and welcoming you to Spain and its culture. Mastering Spanish will not only open your horizons, but also add value to your career prospects. Step out of your comfort zone and jump in the deep end!


One-to-ones and group activitesRole plays Presentations Cultural visits and lots more entertainment


Connect and dive in! Get to know Spain through its best ambassadors… other University students like you from all over Spain!


For your arrival in Madrid: You will be driven from Madrid to the venue and back when the program is finished.





5 stars program



Pueblo Español for University Students will be taking place in Úbeda (Jaén).

Úbeda, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Andalusia, Spain, is renowned for its impeccably preserved Renaissance architecture from the 16th century. The Vázquez de Molina Square features iconic landmarks like the Sacra Capilla del Salvador and the Palacio de las Cadenas. With cobblestone streets and hidden gems, Úbeda provides a captivating journey through the cultural richness of Renaissance Spain, making it a must-visit destination for history and architecture enthusiasts.
It has all the necessary facilities for a pleasant stay where you can learn Spanish.

DATE 2024:

  • July 6 to July 13
  • July 26 to August 2

A little more info on the logistics: You would have to fly into Madrid, Spain (on the day before the start of the program). On the following day we will take you to the venue where you will forget about everything and leave your mother tongue behind to immerse yourself in a true Spanish experience. We will bring you back to Madrid on the last day of the program and you fly back home.

The Pueblo Español program takes place in locations of great cultural interest.  The proximity to the chosen town will allow even more contact with locals… a chance to use your skills be it buying something from a shop, finding your way around, or even listening to the local town gossip!





Do you want to extend your stay in Spain up to 3 weeks? You could combine learning Spanish with volunteering in our Pueblo Ingles program!

If you are an English-speaking native who is looking for volunteer holidays or volunteering work, we would host you in our Pueblo Ingles programs for free food and accomodation!  Ask us about the possibility of “teaching English” to Spaniards in beautiful locations all over Spain.


Results to expect


Measuring the value of the Pueblo Español program needs to be seen from the perspective of the amount of contact you will have with native-speakers in a variety of social situations. We give you the chance to experience the “live” language with a variety of carefully selected native-speakers who will be sure to both challenge and encourage. A week at Pueblo Español has been compared to the equivalent of 1-2 typical months in a country. Plus, mastering Spanish will not only open your horizons, but also add value to your career prospects. Step out of your comfort zone and jump in the deep end!

Apart from the language and cultural benefits students obtain thanks to the 8-day immersion among Spaniards, the schedule and activities are all aimed at working the ability of interacting and communicating in a multicultural environment, both individually and in a group which will build your professional skills, character strengths and interpersonal skills.

Character strenghts

BRAVERY & CURIOSITY – for travelling to a new country and learning earn about a their customs;
PERSERVERANCE – while other friends might be back home having fun at the beach, you have decided to work on your Spanish and working hard to achieve your goals;
SOCIAL INTELLIGENCE – you’ll have to adapt to fit into the group and adapt to new social situations…

Professional Skills

COMMUNICATION – you’ll take part in all types of activities: one to ones, telephone sessions, conference call, social time, group activities etc…; PUBLIC SPEAKING – Presentations present a challenge in any language, let alone a second language!;
TIME MANAGEMENT – punctuality is key for the schedule and group dynamics to flow.

Interpersonal skills

COMMUNICATION SKILLS – you’ll work on your verbal, non verbal and listening skills (how we interpret a language!);
EMOTIONAL SKILLS – you’ll have to overcome the fear of speaking a new language;
TEAM WORK – in many of the group activities, you are going to have to be a dedicated and loyal team member, and work hard for the success of the team!

“Shaydah had a wonderful, life-changing experience at Pueblo Español; she has been telling us all about the program, what she did and, especially, whom she met. She now has a whole new group of friends, both native English and Spanish speakers. She also feels strongly that her Spanish has improved greatly from the experience… she is already asking about returning to both programs next summer. Thanks again for everything and have a wonderful rest of the summer!”

Lauren mother of Shaydah. Ubeda 8-15 July – Student Program & Pueblo Ingles English immersion volunteer