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FAQs & Contact

The earlier you book the course, the better especially if you have to make travel arrangements to Madrid, Spain. The first step that needs to be taken is scheduling the assessment test. Once that is over and done with, the application process is very simple.

In order to make the most of the course, we recommend students a minimum comprehension and speaking level, this means an intermediate level  that allows you to fully take advantage of the course. To see if you are eligible for the program, all students wil be level tested beforehand.

Please remember not to book any travel until you have paid your reservation fee and confirmed the program times.

You will need to arrive in the city of departure at least the night before the program begins. This applies to both programs, the Intensive Spanish course and the Pueblo Español program.

If you would like to attend the official welcome reception, you will need to arrive either by the morning or early afternoon of the day before departure. If you are coming from outside Europe, arriving a day or two earlier is recommended to reduce jet lag.

Your return travel to your home destination should not be booked for any earlier than 9.00pm on the final day of the Pueblo Español course. We highly recommend an additional night’s stay in Madrid on your return.

However, please check program specifics that will be sent to your email along the application process.

You will be covered by an accident and medical insurance for the full stay in Spain with us (day before the program – duration of the program – a day after the program). Should it be necessary, you will be taken to the local clinic for minor illness (fever, stomach ache) or minor injuries and to the general hospital for emergencies where x-rays or further care is required.

Our policy does not cover the cost of medicine, so please take this into account. Bring any usual medicine you take when you get a headache, stomachache, potential ailment or normal condition. If you should need any additional medicine, there is a Pharmacy in town.

Furthermore, we recommend you get travel insurance– either from the airlines (some rates are just $20!) or from private travel insurance with rates as low as $1 per day. We will give recommendations later in the application process.

If you are an EU, American, Canadian, Australian, or New Zealand citizen, you do not need a VISA to enter Spain. If you enter the country by air, they’ll stamp your passport and they may randomly select passengers to answer a few questions. The passport stamp allows you a three-month maximum tourist stay in Europe. If you fly from an international airport in the European Union (except Britain and Switzerland) you will probably not go through passport control at all. Be sure to have your passport up to date. When travelling from outside Europe, your passport must be valid for at least another 6 months from the date of entry.

Make 1 to 2 copies of passport and I.D. before leaving! Scan these documents and send to an accessible email account. In the unfortunate event that they get lost or stolen, your embassy will ask you for this. Always check the current situation with the Spanish embassy as they are subject to change.

We provide a pre-departure support including full information and recommendations package and give any advice you may need, however we do not make any bookings. Unfortunately we cannot always answer questions relating to very specific or personalized travel itineraries.

You would be responsible for your travel costs, and accommodation (group hotel for minors) before and after the program. We will transport to and from the venue, and provide full board and accommodation in a shared room during the program. You will be covered by an accident policy while participating in the program.

You will need to organize and cover transfers to and from the Madrid airport, accommodation and meals in Madrid before and after the program, as well as during the Intensive Classes course. The only expenses you may have while on the Pueblo Español program are snacks, drinks/refreshments in between meals, medication required from nearby village pharmacies, as well as, of course, some great local crafts and mementos. There are cash machines in town and the hotel takes credit cards, except on the last night of the program (cash only bar). We would recommend that by the time you board the bus, that you have a minimum of €30.