Villa Española - Weekend Courses

Intensive Weekend Programs for Professionals

Villa Española is our weekend course where small groups of students (maximum 6 per program) work on their Spanish intensively in an exclusive environment closed for them.  The program is aimed at adults within a professional setting who want to improve grammar agility, as well as more specific aspects of different professional situations (meetings, presentations, teleconferences, etc.) and other areas that the student can previously request.


The program is designed to meet the specific learning needs of students who will have the option of working individually in customized classes or in a group of similar level. The program is personalized, but also flexible, guaranteeing students get exactly when they need. The weekend program includes 28 hours of contact with Spanish, alternating 14 hours of individual or group classes, with 14 social hours.

Full Spanish Immersion


  • Breakfast is at 9:00 and is an integral part of the program.
  • Classes: From 10:00 to 14:00 (with a coffee break mid-morning), the student alternate with the different teachers in the classrooms putting special emphasis on the different grammatical points that each student requires studying.  One of the teachers might be in charge of pronunciation and grammatical agility, while another one is in charge of preparing presentations or meetings, exercises, with the group.
  • Lunch is at 14:15. This is where everyone fuels up for the afternoon.
  • Group dynamics: After a little time for resting and studying, we continue with our one-to-one or groups classes along with a variety of group meetings, roundtable discussions and meeting presentations.
  • Dinner is served at 21:00. Sometimes it will go on until well past midnight, with lively after-dinner discussion. Teachers are present and in charge at all times.


Immersion is the most effective way to focus on the language intensively. As participants leave behind all of their daily distractions, the students’ frame of mind is much more open and thus able to concentrate and absorb the amount of classes that are scheduled per day. After 28 hours of work and dedication, the student will:

Improve substantially vocabulary, expressions and fluency.

Improve their confidence in understanding and losing the scenic fear to express themselves.

Acquire and consolidate grammar knowledge.


The courses begin on Friday at 18.00h and end on Sunday at 16.00h.
The programs are held every weekend of the year, however the availability of these depends on the level and needs of the student (individual or group classes).

The groups are organized by levels: low – intermediate – advanced.

Ask for course availability!



El Casón de la Pinilla is the Exclusive Training Center of Pueblo Inglés. It is located in small village of Cerezo de Arriba, Segovia, a quiet and natural environment just 104 km from Madrid.

It is a cozy rural accommodation of 12 rooms. They are all doubles for single use and have private bathrooms. There are classrooms and common areas for social hours.

We offer a personalized service, with its own restoration service that serves traditional and adapted meals to suite allergies and special diets.


These shorter programs are perfect for Expats who are living in Madrid or Barcelona. Travel time is just 1.5 hours from the city center and transport is organized from our Madrid headquarters. It’s a great opportunity not only to improve your Spanish, but also to network with other expats who are in the same learning curve.



¡Piensa en Español, vive la experiencia!


¡Me encantó el programa! La organización fue excelente, todo el mundo fue genial y amable y aprendí un montón! Ya estoy usando mi español fácilmente para todas mis necesidades!

Melissa Anne

Impressive Spanish speakers. One of the English speakers was struggling with Spanish, and as a group they assisted and encouraged him in every way, so that his Spanish improved dramatically.

Vincent McGough

I did leave feeling more confident. We had one neighbor who never was patient with my spanish. Today, she is at my house a couple times a week just to chat and we have become friends.

Christopher Carnrick


Weekend course (individual classes): 1,250 € per student
Includes: accommodation and full board, with one teacher per student. Minimum 2 students, maximum 5.

Weekend course (group classes): 750 € per student
Includes: accommodation and full board, with one teacher per student. Maximum 6 students, two groups of three students of similar levels.