Pueblo Inglés is a place where you can teach and learn languages according to your needs; where you can study using different formats, adapted to your goals; and where you can find residential programs, online tuition and face-to-face classes, all customized to suit your availability, your level, and your needs.

Pueblo Español immersion program is based on the proven Pueblo Inglés program. The Pueblo Inglés project was created as a complementary tool to traditional English-teaching methods. Many Spaniards had reported that their hundreds of hours of traditional class did not prepare them for putting their language skills into practice. The frustration and anxiety that they felt while trying to express themselves had to be addressed! As a result, the Pueblo Inglés program was born.

Valdelavilla, was the chosen location for its launch. This charming village would offer true English immersion in the heart of Spain. Since then, more than 22,000 volunteers have participated in more than 1000 programs. Pueblo Inglés still provides the perfect environment for students to improve their communication skills tremendously. All thanks to the thousands of English-speaking natives that come from all over the world. Thank you!

The tremendous success of that first pilot program was followed by many more venues. These additions broadened the range of spectacular locations, which foster this unique English language experience. These venues are also used to host a range of special editions such as Pueblo Ingles for Teens, Pueblo Inglés for Doctors and special programs for ESL Teachers in Spain….and most recently Pueblo Español – the reverse program to learn Spanish!

Our world has changed a great deal in recent years but one of the biggest developments has been the ease with which we can now communicate with people all over the world. This is something that we value and embrace at Pueblo Inglés . Hence, the growth and expansion of our horizons by adding new languages to our tremendously successful program.

And that’s not all. We have also taken our unique course models overseas, where they have proved to be just as effective and popular. We are no longer just in Spain; you can find us in Germany too. Who knows where the future will bring us?

We look forward to greeting you and making a difference in your life!

The Pueblo Inglés team