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Day 2… Time to Get Down to Business – By Abbey Algiers

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"The message was simple - to get the most out of Pueblo Español, we Anglos (English speakers) were to:  hablar (talk), escuchar (listen), and most, disfrutar(enjoy).  With this in mind, let's review the day." The following is a report on Day Two of my Pueblo Español experience, brought to you today (on what's actually Day 4) by my good friend, Jet Lag. Let me begin by reminding you of the instructions the Master of Ceremonies (Raquel) gave on the first day of this immersion program. [embed][/embed] ...

Day One… Let the Magic Begin – By Abbey Algiers

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"The Magic of Pueblo Español is in the following.... escuchar, escuchar, hablar, y hablar." Day One of Pueblo Español wrapped up with the Master of Ceremonies, Raquel, giving us the low-down and what we should expect as we embark upon an our week-long immersion. We are in La Alberca, Spain, a charming village in Spain. I'm here for my fourth program with Pueblo Inglés- my previous three experiences were at Pueblo Inglés, where I was the volunteer. I'm excited to see the other side of ...
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In the U.S, the road trip is a mythical experience and part of Americana: big, fast cars, open spaces, long desert roads. .. However, people do the same in countries all over the world, places like Spain’s Rioja wine country or Argentina’s Route 40. Learn all the good vocabulary to make your trip as smooth as possible! Download the Spanish lesson for free:   Vocabulary List. Road Trip Share this Post
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Meeting other people with different customs and sharing with them seven days for 12 hours a day in Pueblo Español has been an authentic experience that I would not mind repeating. By Carmen Martínez When my daughter told me about this wonderful (I can tell you) project, I did not hesitate to go. I like new things and in a way any kind of adventure. It’s important to mention that those who come as, let’s call it “teachers”, we take part in the program as …