Want to step up your Spanish game and make friends from all over the world? Come and have the Pueblo Espanol Immersion Experience and Get fluent!
Go from broken Spanish to spoken Spanish!

Pueblo Español offers a unique and genuine insight into the Spanish language, people and culture. If the “world is your classroom”, then the Pueblo Español program is like an amazing hands on ‘classroom’ without the actual classroom.

At Pueblo Español you’ll learn from your native Spanish speaking peers while testing out your linguistic skills pretty much every hour of every day. From ‘pass the salt please’ to ‘what are Spain’s holiday traditions?’ anything goes. Conversation with Spanish speakers is the best (and fastest) way to improve.

You’ll speak more Spanish in 8 days than you would in a month of traveling (where you are limited to basic polite greetings and conversation)!

You’ve never learned Spanish like this!

“Gabi had a wonderful time and she thoroughly enjoyed the program. She told us that all of the Diverbo staff were super friendly and made her feel welcome from the very beginning. Her Spanish has improved immensely and more importantly, she is much more comfortable and confident in her ability to converse. She wants to return again next year and she hopes to participate in both the Pueblo Español and Pueblo Ingles programs. “
Denise, mother of Gabi. Ubeda 8-15 July – Student Program



  • Full Spanish immersion
  • 100+ hours of contact with the language
  • 1:1 ratio with native speakers your same age
  • Learn in a fun, non-classroom environment
  • Only Spanish allowed!
  • Great hotel in a charming town of cultural interest
  • Full room and board (in shared room)
  • Return transport from Madrid
  • Experienced staff members leading and chaperoning the program and activities
  • Insurance coverage
  • The full course package is 1,380€. Ask about early booking discounts and payment options!
  • Welcome and Departure package available (booked seperately): airport pickup/drop off and group hotel, plus chaperoning in Madrid

“Zach had a wonderful time in Spain! Thank you so much for a great program. He is excited about all of the friends he met from all over the world. He and Max are already discussing doing it again next year! I especially appreciate all of the care you took in ensuring the safety of the students as they travelled from the airport to the hotel and back. Please keep me on your mailing list for future programs. Zach’s younger brother can’t wait until he’s old enough for the program too!” 

Maureen mother of Zach. Ubeda 8-15 July – Student Program


¡Piensa en Español, vive la experiencia!


Tune your ears!
Pueblo Español is where understanding Spanish meets the real world.


Lose your fear!
Make yourself understood and eliminate mistakes when speaking Spanish!


Loose your fear!
Spanish classes won’t give you this!


Hillarious and challenging group activities: dance, theatre, music… and lots more entertainment!


Dive in!
Get to know Spain through its best ambassadors… other teens like you from all over Spain!


For your arrival in Madrid: airport pick-up/drop-off, full room and board for the night/s in a shared room in the group hotel and chaperoning during your stay.




We are still working on the dates for 2019! Stay tuned!!

You will have to fly into Madrid, Spain (on the day before the start of the program). On the following day we will take you to the venue where you will forget about everything and leave your mother tongue behind to immerse yourself in a true Spanish experience. We will bring you back to Madrid on the last day of the program and you fly back home on the following day. Check out travel logistics here!

The Pueblo Español Student will be taking place in a town of high cultural interest.  The town allows even more contact with Spanish and locals… a chance to use your skills, be it buying something from a shop, finding your way around, or even listening to the local town gossip! Check the location details here.

Do you want to extend your stay in Spain up to 3 weeks? You could combine learning Spanish with volunteering in our Pueblo Ingles program! If you are an English-speaking native who is looking for volunteer holidays or volunteering work, we would host you in our Pueblo Ingles programs for free!  Not only can you extend your stay in Spain for another 2 to 3 weeks by volunteering in Pueblo Ingles for free, but also benefit from a 10% discount in Pueblo Español.

These would be your date options and posible combinations:

  • 17 days in Spain

Example (dates for 2019 TBC):
July 2 to July 8 (1 week in Pueblo Ingles)

July 8 to July 15  (1 week in Pueblo Español)  

Arrival date = July 1; Departure to Pueblo Ingles = July 2.
Travel from Pueblo Ingles to Pueblo Español = July 8.
Overnight in Madrid = July 15; Return home = July 16

  • 23 days in Spain

Example (dates for 2019 TBC):
July 8 to July 15 (1 week in Pueblo Español)

July 16  to July 29  (1 week in Pueblo Ingles)

Arrival date = July 7; Departure to Pueblo Español = July 8.
Overnight in Madrid = July 15; Departure to Pueblo Ingles = July 16.
Overnight in Madrid = July 29; Return home = July 30

  • 23 days in Spain

Example (dates for 2019 TBC):
July 9 to July 22 (2 weeks in Pueblo Ingles)

July 22  to July 29  (1 week in Pueblo Español)

Arrival date = July 8; Departure to Pueblo Ingles = July 9.
Travel to Pueblo Español = July 16.
Overnight in Madrid = July 29; Return home = July 30

If you haven’t participated in the Pueblo Ingles volunteer program before, you would have to fill out a volunteer application form, and still benefit from the 10% discount this summer! Learn all about the possibility of “teaching English” to Spaniards in beautiful locations all over Spain.



“Shaydah had a wonderful, life-changing experience at Pueblo Español; she has been telling us all about the program, what she did and, especially, whom she met. She now has a whole new group of friends, both native English and Spanish speakers. She also feels strongly that her Spanish has improved greatly from the experience… she is already asking about returning to both programs next summer. Thanks again for everything and have a wonderful rest of the summer!”

Lauren mother of Shaydah. Ubeda 8-15 July – Student Program & Pueblo Ingles English immersion volunteer

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