Day One… Let the Magic Begin – By Abbey Algiers

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“The Magic of Pueblo Español is in the following…. escuchar, escuchar, hablar, y hablar.”

Day One of Pueblo Español wrapped up with the Master of Ceremonies, Raquel, giving us the low-down and what we should expect as we embark upon an our week-long immersion.

We are in La Alberca, Spain, a charming village in Spain. I’m here for my fourth program with Pueblo Inglés- my previous three experiences were at Pueblo Inglés, where I was the volunteer. I’m excited to see the other side of the story.  This time, I’m the student, and for the next week, English is forbidden. (Out of the frame of this blog, that is.)

I’m here with 8 other Anglos (English speakers) who come from all over the world. Details on their native countries will follow, but I will say now that our backgrounds and countries are as varied as can be, making this experience even more interesting.  Our “teachers”, or rather the Spanish volunteers, are Spaniards from throughout Spain.  They’ve graciously taken a week out of their lives to come to La Alberca to help us Anglos with our Spanish.

Together, we Anglos and Spaniards, will make magic this week. I’m familiar with the magic of Pueblo Inglés, and now I look forward to seeing how it compares to the magic Raquel is talking about, from the perspective of a language learner. Raquel explains that the magic is in the conversations, not from grammatical lectures, seatwork, or traditional school-like lessons.  As Anglos, we learn the language best by being in a setting similar that of a child learning a language, where we can “listen, listen, and talk, talk…” she repeated the words to let them sink in.  Further, she reveals the real life example of her 4 year old, a boy being raised in a bilingual household where she speaks to him only in English, while she and his father speak Spanish. Her son speaks Spanish back to them.  His grandparents speak Spanish to him.  Yet, he understands English perfectly, 100%.  A child, she tells us, doesn’t go into language learning with expectations or “road blocks,” he simply listens, repeats, and responds.

This is our job this week – to listen, respond in the best way we can, and let the magic happen naturally.  Most importantly, Raquel has given us the stipulation that during our experience here, we must do one more thing… we must enjoy ourselves. This is mandatory, and another way to allow the language immersion to flow freely.  It’s also, I believe, the secret to why Spaniards seem so happy and everyone wants to come to Spain. Enjoying life appears to be a rule in this country.  Perhaps that’s part of the magic too.

Raquel wraps up her “what should we expect this week” talk by telling us that essentially, today has been rather “easy” by Pueblo Inglés standards.  We were given free time to rest, adjust, and get settled in our new village.  Tomorrow the work begins and our schedule will have us listening and talking from 9 am until perhaps midnight. Watch for reports on the magic unfolding…I know I’m in for an amazing experience. Join me as I see what this is all about. Stay tuned!

(There is a “cheater” way to find more about what I’m about to experience! If you can’t wait for my daily reports and want to learn more about these two immersion programs, go to Volunteers Pueblo Inglésfor more info.)

So how am I feeling right now? I think I am filled with a mix of 2 emotions: nervousness and excitement. I am nervous because I will have to leave my native tongue behind for a full 8 days and only speak in Spanish, Spanish, Spanish, as this is the unique methodology of Pueblo Espanol. What will happen when I can’t express what I want to say in Spanish? What if we’re doing an activity and I don’t understand the directions? How exhausted am I going to be every day after speaking so much of a foreign language?

Abbey Algiers describes herself a writer, runner, yogi and visualizer of all things beautiful. Above all that, she is in love with Spain. She first encountered Pueblo Inglés by volunteering teaching English in Pueblo English. Since her first trip she has learned Spanish and is one of our best students!
Follow her on her experience perfecting her Spanish with us!

If you’re ready to jump in with both feet and give 100% effort towards speaking more Spanish – Pueblo Espanol is for you!

Pueblo Español is all about full Spanish immersion! With expert staff, Pueblo Inglés facilitates over 100 hours of conversation in and 8-day period. The schedule is carefully designed so that students are constantly being challenged to use Spanish in a variety of contexts: one to ones, group activities, meals, mingling with Spaniards your age! 


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