Pueblo Español Adults | 6 DAYS


The best spanish immersion program in the world!

Includes 6 days, 5 nights spanish immersion course. Want to step up your Spanish game and make friends from all over the world? Come and have the Pueblo Espanol immersion experience and get fluent in Spanish!. You’ve never learned Spanish like this!

You can add our 4-day classes pack prior to Pueblo Español immersion course. Take a look to it here and add it to your cart.


  • Full Spanish immersion
  • 100+ hours of contact with the language
  • 6 days, 5 nights
  • 1:1 ratio with native speakers (not teachers)
  • Different spanish accents
  • Local excursion, cultural activities and time to explore
  • Learn in a fun, effective and relaxed non-classroom environment
  • Only Spanish allowed!
  • Assessment level test (minimum intermediate conversation level required)
  • Supplemental material provided
  • Great hotel in a charming town of cultural interest
  • Full room and board (individual room with ensuite bathroom)
  • Transport from Madrid to the venue and back
  • Experienced staff members leading and chaperoning the program and activities
  • Insurance coverage
  • The full course package is 1,485€. Ask about early booking discounts and payment options
  • End of course completion certificate