Spanish online classes, private or in groups

Our approach at the Pueblo Inglés online classes is largely based on applying new methods to attend the needs of the students, especially improving their speaking and listening comprehension.


Clients come to us because our teaching style is different to the majority of language schools. As a result, the Pueblo Inglés philosophy stresses:

  • Dynamic classes: students want to be engaged and challenged in class and want to improve quickly.
  • Practice over theory Classes: The aim of this class is to get the students to correctly use the new grammar, vocabulary and expressions they have studied but need to assimilate, not to relax and shoot the breeze. Students should be working on fluidity, fluency and speaking for longer periods of time without getting tongue-tied or running out of gas.
  • Oral fluency Get the students used to speaking for long periods of time, thus improving their fluency.
  • Small groups: In our classes, the students are the protagonists but the teacher is in charge at all times and is responsible for giving dynamic and energetic classes where the student really feels that they are getting a full-on workout.
  • Correcting mistakes students want to speak well and are generally robust enough to accept regular correction. However, in these online classes we allow them to practice relevant grammar and vocabulary in a natural way. Correcting is not so important because the idea is to learn by repetition.
  • Only Spanish spoken the more that students are required to do in Spanish, the better.
  • Homework being a student means being focused and trying to be immersed the rest of the time too!
  • Levels When assigning students to group classes, it is important to put students with more or less the same level together.


Improve substantially vocabulary, expressions and fluency.

Improve their confidence in understanding and losing the scenic fear to express themselves.

Acquire and consolidate grammar knowledge.


Classes are taught by our native Spanish teachers with ample teaching experience and make classes dynamic and entertaining. We use Microsoft Teams to connect online. You have two different options that adapt to your needs and availability.

  • Private sessions with a flexible timetable that adapts to your availability.  You can begin and end classes any time!
  • Small groups (maximum 5 students) of similar level.  Weekly 90-minute online sessions in a set timetable.
    Quarter 1: Mid January to end of March
    Quarter 2: April to end of June
    Quarter 3: Mid September to end of November


  • Spanish for expats who are living in Spain.
  • Spanish learners beginner – intermiedate – advanced, no matter the level!
  • University students who are taking Spanish and need a push on their conversation skills.



In order to organize the classes we need to confirm your level and availability. Self-assess your level according to the European leveling system.

European level grid here!

Take our online level test if you haven’t done so already! You will need around 8 -10 minutes. Check our next available slots below.

Spanish level test here!

Would you rather speak to someone in our team? Book a one to one level test with us!

Book a level test here!.


One quarter: 285€ – 18 hours

Two quarters: 558€ (You save 12€) – 36 hours

Three quarters: 800€ (You save 55€) – 54 hours.

In addition, by reserving the 3 quarters you will get a 10% discount in Pueblo Español 2022! And teens will get a 5% discount if an additional sibling signs up.* This offer is not combinable with other discounts.