María de Molina, Úbeda | Jaén

Discover our Spanish immersion course at Úbeda, Jaén

Venue details

The hotel María de Molina is located in the historic center of the city of Úbeda, it is an old palace from the 16th century. The building was rebuilt in 2000 to become the Hotel María de Molina and retains many of the original elements, such as the old palace structure, the traditional Andalusian interior patio, the fountain and the marble stairs.

Located in the province of Jaén, Úbeda was declared a World Heritage Site in 2003 along with Baeza. The city stands out for being tremendously artistic and monumental, as well as one of the most stately and glorious towns in Andalusia. When walking through its streets you will be transported to the time of its historical splendor due to its number of monuments, churches, palaces and stately homes.

Hotel facilities

All rooms are air conditioned and have simple, classic décor. TV, minibar and private bathroom.

The patio has a marble floor, columns and beautiful stone arches.

Walks and excursions

In most of your “one to one” sessions you will be able to enjoy walks through the streets of Ubeda and Baeza and the great views of the olive tree and surrounding mountains. The province if Jaen is the largest producer of olive oil in the world. Its’ landscape is called “mar de olivos”, which means an ocean of olive trees. 

How to get there

We will be providing bus/coach transport from Madrid to the venue.  The journey time is 3.5 hours (approx. 4 hours on return journey).  As soon as you get the bus you will be travelling with the Spanish volunteers whom will be eager to begin talking your ear, in panish of course! The meeting point is located near our main headquarters in Madrid and the bus departs on the first day of the program – Friday. On the last day before sadly leaving the program, the bus will be scheduled to leave around 15:00 hours, so you’ll arrive back to Madrid at about 19:30 h. You would have to book your travel back home no earlier than 20:30h (train) or 21:30h (airplane). (Note: This information is subject to change. You will be given exact details during the application process).


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