Baeza | Jaén

Discover our Spanish immersion course at Baeza, Jaén

Venue details


Baeza is World Heritage sites since 2003 and recently (upon archeological findings in 2009) declared “the oldest, scientifically documented city in continental Europe”.

Baeza is known for the legacy of its monuments and for housing a university since the 16th century (currently the International University of Andalucia). It was a strategic point in the retaking of Al-Andalus by the Christian monarchs. During its period of great demographic and economic growth – most of the 16th century and part of the 17th – Baeza built its public and administrative buildings. They, together with the churches, make up the majority of the architectural monuments that delight the visitor.

Hotel facilities

The hotel is located in the historic center of the town, near the Town Hall and the plaza. It’s a spacious hotel, re-built from its monastery origins conserving its renaissance style. All rooms are fully equipped: you will have your own room with television, phone, wifi and an en suite bathroom with a shower plate, and blow drier.   (In the Student program  – students between 13 and 17 years of age, you will share a room with another student or volunteer of similar age and same gender)     

Not much time is left in the busy program schedule, in the summer months you can enjoy the tranquil terrace and cool off in the nearby public pool in your own free time(just 10 minutes walk). 

Walks and excursions

In most of your “one to one” sessions you will be able to enjoy walks through the streets of Baeza and the great views of the olive tree and surrounding mountains. The province if Jaen is the largest producer of olive oil in the world. Its’ landscape is called “mar de olivos”, which means an ocean of olive trees.

We will be visiting the nearby town of Ubeda. During the renaissance, Ubeda reached its maximum splendor, and its streets and squares are full of palaces, convents, stately houses and city walls. Ubeda’s urban landscape clearly belongs to Renaissance Spain, though we cannot forget its medieval, baroque and popular aspects.

How to get there

We will be providing bus/coach transport from Madrid to the venue.  The journey time is 3.5 hours (approx. 4 hours on return journey).  As soon as you get the bus you will be travelling with the Spanish volunteers whom will be eager to begin talking your ear, in Spanish of course! The meeting point is located near our main headquarters in Madrid and the bus departs on the first day of the program – Friday.

On the last day before sadly leaving the program, the bus will be scheduled to leave around 15:00 hours, so you’ll arrive back to Madrid at about 19:30h. You would have to book your travel back home no earlier than 20:30h (train) or 21:30h (airplane). (Note: This information is subject to change. You will be given exact details during the application process).


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