Discover the best places to learn spanish by immersion in Spain

Casón de la Pinilla, Segovia

The Casón de la Pinilla is located in the province of Segovia, 100km from Madrid. Segovia is a medieval city that lays high on a hill in between two rivers.  It is World Heritage City and the area is known for its medieval red and black villages and natural surroundings of unique beauty.

Doña Teresa, Salamanca

The Doña Teresa venue is located in the town of La Alberca, well known for its traditions and customs that date back to the 15th Century. It was also the first village in Spain to be declared a National Heritage Site in 1940. The medieval village still preserves its architecture, especially in the town center. 

La Velha Fábrica, Cáceres

A Velha Fabrica is a beautiful rural hotel situated in the heart of the Sierra de Gata in Extremadura. It is located to the northeast of the province of Caceres and to the south of the province of Salamanca. Built on the remains of a 15th-century textile and oil factory, it features all the comforts necessary to make your stay unforgettable.

Baeza, Jaén

Baeza is known for the legacy of its monuments and for housing a university since the 16th century. It was a strategic point in the retaking of Al-Andalus by the Christian monarchs. During its period of great demographic and economic growth Baeza built its public and administrative buildings. 

Úbeda, Jaén

To visit Ubeda is to travel in time. The city’s historical past has left indelible footprints of its former glory. During the renaissance, they reached its maximum splendor, and its streets and squares are full of palaces, convents, stately houses and city walls. Their urban landscape clearly belongs to Renaissance Spain, though we cannot forget its medieval, baroque and popular aspects.