There are many different style of immersion programs out there but the general goal of all immersion programs are the same: to immerse students in the language they are trying to learn. The level at which you are immersed, differs, depending on the program you choose. With our Pueblo Espanol Spanish Immersion courses we have created a little world in which you will be fully (and we mean fully!) immersed in Spanish!

You will not just go to tedious classes during the day and then lapse back into English or your native tongue at the end of the day when you leave your classes. You will live in this program (and in a 4-star hotel in a small Spanish village) for the duration of the program with your native speaking language partners.

You will eat with them. Laugh with them. Speak one on one for hours with them (don’t worry you won’t have the same partner for more than one hour in a row).
Speaking Spanish every hour of the day, for more than 8 hours might sound scary right? It can be at first. But let us assure you that by the end of the first couple of days, our participants feel very differently. They are having fun, making friends and speaking more Spanish, more confidently than they’ve ever spoken before.

The nature of the program is all about conversation, designed to depart from book study and grammar lessons to actively use Spanish in a variety of contexts. Student participants will be exposed to a full spectrum of the language, in an intimate and relaxing setting and get over the intimidation factor.


Whatever your age and background, we have a program that is a perfect fit to your profile! In each program we will always guarantee the same number of Spanish speaking natives as students. We will also happily adapt the program activities ti suit to a group’s specific needs and requirements. 

Business professionals & Spanish enthusiasts

Ages: +24 years old (age average 49)
Students per group*:

*Same number of Spanish speakers.
Profile of the Spaniards: The Spaniards chosen for this group will be of similar ages and a variety of professions and backgrounds, coming from all over Spain.

High School Students 

Age: 14-18
Students per group*: 15 – 20
*Same number of Spanish speakers.
Profile of the Spaniards: Spanish high school students from all over Spain with a special interest in learning about new cultures.

University Students 

Age: 19-23
Students per group*: 12-18
*Same number of Spanish speakers.
Profile of the Spaniards: Spanish University students studying different majors, representing all of Spain.

Spanish language teachers 

Age: +24 years (age average 38)
Students per group*: 5-15
*Same number of Spanish speakers.
Profile of the Spaniards: The Spaniards chosen for this group will be a mix of Spanish teachers and a variety of professions and backgrounds, coming from all over Spain.

Though it is a lot of fun, due to its immersive and intensive nature it works best for those who already have a base level of Spanish. If you are a true beginner or just looking to ‘pick up’ a bit more Spanish and relax most of the day this course isn’t going to be for you. We recommend a minimium A2 – B1 level of Spanish.

If you are not familiar with the European leveling system, click here to check your Spanish level.

Schedule a free test chat with us to know your Spanish level! 



Don’t be mistaken, immersion is tough. However, having caring, interested, and inspiring people to “teach” you makes all the difference! The positive energy of our Pueblo Español programs comes from our community of Spanish people who will live with you for the duration of the program. This incredible group of people will be different every program, but they will always share these important common traits:

  • They love conversation and are prepared to speak up to 15 hours per day!
  • They are patient & supportive in order guide you through the activities and help you improve.
  • They are armed with stories and experiences.
  • They have intellectually stimulating characters.
  • They want to share their culture

Their motivation is to teach you all about Spanish culture, have fun and help you learn their language….¡auténtico español!

At the end of the course, you will be thinking, and even dreaming in Spanish and go away with a life-changing experience and a group of new friends from Spain and around the world. 



Our ‘españoles’ are carefully selected native Spanish-speakers who represent different regions and backgrounds, bringing a natural communication style and different accents. We like to give diversity to our programs and in each group you will meet Spaniards from different parts of Spain, with distinct Spanish accents, ages, professions and personalities. 


*This is a simplified version map of the most recognizable spanish accents within Spain.

Pueblo Español - Diverbo

Pueblo Español - Diverbo

Our staff accompanies you during the whole program


The hard work wouldn’t be worth it if not balanced with the humor, candor and energy of the staff that accompanies you during the program. Their long hours and motivation will show is the end result: the program runs smoothly and you have a memorable experience.

Organizational duties:

• Solve any problems that might arise and acts as “point of contact” for the program participants and venue staff.
• Attend to participants’ special needs (food, health, etc.).
• Maintain an excellent relationship with the hotel and facilities staff.
• Reports to the office on a continuous basis to provide program updates.
• Accompanies anybody to medical centre or the hospital in the event of accident or emergency.

Leadership skills:

• Develop daily schedule and adapt it to the groups’ needs.
• Organize, implement and supervise group and social activities.

• Liaise with the group to ensure effective communication at all times.
• Ensure that all activities (discussions, role-plays, theatre) take place successfully.
• Provide a fun, energetic and encouraging atmosphere for all program participants.
• Provide individual feedback on each of the participants’ participation.


The immersion nature of the program is very intense. It requires a concerted amount of mental focus each day. The schedule demands that you continue to stretch your facilities. But as they say, ‘no pain no gain’, it provides a barrier-breaking, obstacle-surpassing and stride-advancing result. Our experience and research have proven that our method is important not only for the repetition factor with imprinting a language, but for the psychological strength and balance to gain confidence and know you can communicate when you need.

Learning curve - Diverbo Pueblo Español



100 hours of dynamic interaction

Conversation with native Spanish-speaking volunteers

Different accents from Andalucia, Galicia, Madrid, Valencia…

Limitless expressions, vocabulary & grammar in context

Excursions and culinary experiences

Social bonding and shared-life experience

Lots of grammar classes and not enough conversation practice

You only hear the teacher’s accent

You don’t get to practice outside of the classroom

You don’t have dedicated attention of native Spanish-speakers

You don’t learn the culture in depth from multiple perspectives

You don’t trully get immersed in the language

Pueblo Español - Diverbo

Pueblo Español - Diverbo


Quieres enseñar español a extrajeros de todo el mundo, conocer gente y hacer contactos. No necesitas ser profesor porque simplemente tendrás que hablar con ellos.