The Immersion Program

The nature of OUR program is all about conversation, designed to depart from book study and grammar lessons and to instead actively use Spanish in a variety of contexts. Participants will be exposed to a full spectrum of the language, a variety of accents and will get over any intimidation about speaking.

OUR 8-day immersion has been described as “intense,” “amazing,” “inspiring,” “stimulating,” “eye-opening,” and “magical” just to pick a few of the words we hear at the end of a program.

Pueblo Español is all about full Spanish immersion, which means, due to the number of hours of listening and speaking per day the mental focus can be intense! However, it will also be fun and rewarding. If you are looking for a casual program with just a few hours of language practice per day and a lot of free time, this may not be the course for you. If you are a true beginner with no Spanish, this is also not the course for you as this kind of immersion works best (and has the most impressive results) when you start with enough Spanish to communicate on a basic level and therefore are at a great place to start accruing more vocabulary, correcting mistakes, and becoming more confident and fluid in your speaking. 

We recommend a ‘can do’ attitude and a resolve for getting as much out of the program as possible. If you put in the time, you WILL see the results. And you’ll enjoy chatting with people from all around the world (and Spain), being immersed in beautiful places and eating great Spanish food while doing so.

If you’re not sure of your Spanish level we can schedule a level test with you, just send us an email.

If you’re ready to jump in with both feet and give 100% effort towards speaking more Spanish- Pueblo Espanol is for you!

Keep reading!

Keep reading!

Sign up for a crash course before the program to brush up on your grammar and prime your mind.


– 16 hours: 4 hours of lessons per day from Monday to Thursday (prior to Pueblo Español)
– Native Spanish speaking teachers
– Practical and dynamic group classes
– Grammar review, Vocabulary, Listening and Speaking

These intensive classes will be held in our Madrid office, which is located very close to the Madrid city centre. By doing the 8-day immersion program, we are offering this crash course package for 155€, that is less than 10€ an hour!

* If the classes are booked seperately, the cost is 192€. Check availability!

You’ll speak more in 8 days than you have ever imagined.

THIS OPTION INCLUDES, among other things:

– 1-to-1 ratio of native Spanish-speakers per student
– Different Spanish accents
– Local excursions and time to explore the historical village
– A stimulating and entertaining atmosphere made comfortable by our staff

This intensive course will be held in our different venues, with connecting transport organized from Madrid. The full-course package is 1,950€.

Ask about early booking discounts and payment options!


  • 8 days of full Spanish immersion
  • 100+ hours of contact with the language
  • 1:1 ratio with native speakers (not teachers)
  • Learn in a relaxed, non-classroom environment
  • Facilitation of the program by on-site Director and Master of Ceremonies
  • Full room and board (individual room with en suite bathroom)
  • Transport from Madrid to the venue and back
  • 7 nights in a charming hotel
  • Local excursions
  • Assessment level test (minimum intermediate conversation level required)
  • Supplemental material provided
  • Insurance coverage
  • End of course completion certificate

8-day Pueblo Español immersion: The full program price for the adult program, including full room and board in a private room, transport to and from Madrid to the venue, the excursions, material and an insurance is 1,950€. Your other expenses include: your travel to and from Madrid, your hotel in Madrid on the night/s before and after the program depending on your day of arrival and departure. During the program you will only have to take care of drinks outside of meals and souvenirs.

4-Day Spanish Classes in Madrid: If you’re Spanish a little rusty and want to extend your stay in Spain, book the 4 day intensive Spanish classes prior to Pueblo Español for just 155€ more. This includes intensive Spanish classes in Madrid from Monday to Thursday enjoying what the city has to offer in the evenings with planned activities for the group in the evening. You will stay in your chosen accommodation in Madrid while attending the classes (room and board not included in the price of the classes in Madrid).

*Spots are limited and those who book the classes along with the 8-day immersion have priority and are guaranteed a spot.



A stimulating and entertaining atmosphere made comfortable by our staff.
A schedule designed and organized so students gain confidence in their comprehension and communication skills.
A noticeable improvement in listening and communication skills, as well improving self-confidence when speaking.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Two Spanish speakers and two students are seated at each table.  Even meal time is a valuable moment to continue listening and speaking while enjoying the local cuisine.


This is the “star”activity at Pueblo Español. A Spanish speaker talks to a student during a 50 minute session. Every hour you switch partners, so that you speak with a volunteer with a different accent.

Telephone sessions

Day-to-day, real-life communication situations over the phone. Whether you need to negotiate a contract or make travel arrangements you can practice this dynamic through telephone sessions. Either way the focused listening will be just what your ear needs!

Conference calls

Numerous role-play situations are scheduled to help to build confidence in conference call situations and interactive meetings.

Variety hour

In order to facilitate learning and overcome barriers, enjoying the experience is fundamental.  Most evenings before dinner, the Pueblo Español participants meet for an hour to laugh and learn through presentations, performances, sketches, and more.


Each student is presented the task of preparing 1 or 2 presentations.  Here, the native-speakers help the students learn to use the language with more precision.



“¡Me encantó el programa! La organización fue excelente, todo el mundo fue genial y amable y aprendí un montón! Ya estoy usando mi español fácilmente para todas mis necesidades!”

Melissa Anne

“Impressive Spanish speakers. One of the English speakers was struggling with Spanish, and as a group they assisted and encouraged him in every way, so that his Spanish improved dramatically.”

Vincent McGough

“I did leave feeling more confident. We had one neighbor who never was patient with my spanish. Today, she is at my house a couple times a week just to chat and we have become friends.”

Christopher Carnrick



¡Piensa en Español, vive la experiencia!

Measuring the value of the Pueblo Español program needs to be seen from the perspective of the amount of contact you will have with native-speakers in a variety of social situations. We give you the chance to experience the “live” language with a variety of carefully selected native-speakers who will be sure to both challenge and encourage. A week at Pueblo Español has been compared to the equivalent of 1-2 typical months in a country.



Make a noticeable improvement in listening and communication skills, as well improving self-confidence when speaking.


A schedule designed and organized so students gain confidence in their comprehension and communication skills.



More than 100 hours of learning experience while speaking Spanish.


You’ve never learned Spanish like this! Guaranteed!


Pueblo Español takes from  March to November, choose the date that suits you most. Eight full days of total immersion in the Spanish language, from Friday to Friday enough to get you… ¡pensando en español!

Diverbo - Pueblo Español

Diverbo - Pueblo Español

Diverbo - Pueblo Español

Diverbo - Pueblo Español

Diverbo - Pueblo Español

Diverbo - Pueblo Español

Diverbo - Pueblo Español

Diverbo - Pueblo Español


In beautiful Spanish villages


Our tranquil and stunning locations offer something different to the typical holiday destinations. Surrounded by mountains and rivers, or hills and olive trees, our venues are stunning and even magical.

Throughout the year we have two locations for PuebloEspañol. The Doña Teresa Hotel, is our venue in the heart of the historic National Historic-Cultural village of La Alberca in the province of Salamanca. Further south in Andalucia our home for the week is in the Rosaleda de Don Pedro Hotel, in Andalucia.



  • Check program availability and confirm your Spanish level!
  • To book the course, you will receive a registration form so you can make the reservation payment.
  • You can then start looking to book your travel to Madrid, Spain.
  • Finally, you can book your accommodation in Madrid (for the duration of the 4-day intensive Spanish classes and/or for the night before and after Pueblo Español).
  • We will greet you in Madrid for a Welcome Lunch on the day before the start of the program.
  •  On the following day, you will head out to the venue with the whole group, so prepare yourself for rapid improvement!