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grupo pueblo español

If you’re thinking about attending the Pueblo Español program, I have a few tips on things you should know before you go.  Having just attended my first program, I came away with an increased confidence in speaking, and made some new friends to boot.  This isn’t an all-inclusive list, but just some recommendations.

1. Know the Alphabet (as it’s used in Spain)!  I know that sounds kind of strange and basic, but there are so many time where I didn’t know a word that was used in conversation, and had to have it spelled to me.  When the volunteers spell words, they speak the alphabet as it’s used in Spain.  Oddly enough, there are some slight differences between the Spanish alphabet, and the Latin American one.  They are not huge differences, but they do exist.

One to one Pueblo español

And if you know the alphabet, it will make it much easier and faster for you to learn how words are spelled.  If you’re an English speaker, it may take you 30 minutes or so, but it’s time well spent.

2. Know that it will be challenging, but you will improve.  Speaking only Spanish for an entire week will be difficult, but it even if your spoken Spanish is very good, it can still be hard.  You’ll hit a learning wall (everyone does), but you’ll conquer it and improve.

grupo pueblo español

While you’re in the middle of all the learning, you’ll see and hear other students improving, and it may not seem like you’re making much progress, but you will be surprised at how much better your comprehension and speaking ability improves.  I was amazed at how much faster the volunteers were speaking to us at the end of the week.

3. Trust the Volunteers.  These are great people who know the language.  As native speakers, they not only know the technical sides of the language (verb tenses, conjugations, etc.), but they also know the idioms that are used in day-to-day life.  This was a very enjoyable part of the program for me.  Having lived in Spain for 5 years, I’ve heard these colloquialisms a bunch, and understood the literal meaning, but at times I didn’t really understand the nuance.

meeting pueblo español

If you don’t understand something, just ask.  The Volunteers are very patient, and they help explain a topic to you.  Be it language, culture, food, or some other item of interest, know that you’ll get your questions answered.

4. Take control of your learning.  The flexibility of the program is its greatest strength.  You as the Student get to talk about topics that interest you.  During the Tú-a-Tú (One-on-Ones), which were my favorite part the program, they supplied topics or games to play, but there were times where I wanted to work on something specific.  No problem!  The ability to do this goes a long way in making the program relevant to what was important to me.

meals at pueblo español

Meals are another great time to have free discussions. We talked about not only language stuff, but sports, technology, politics.  I was amazed at the breadth of subjects we covered.

The Pueblo Español program was an amazing experience, and I look forward to doing it again in the future.  It’s a very engaging program that boosted my confidence in speaking.  Being exposed to so many facets of Spanish culture makes me want to continue to improve my Spanish.

Alan is the Techno Geek at Wagoners Abroad.  He loves to tinker with software and hardware, or anything technical.  Traveling for work over 25 years ago started his obsession with travel.  He met his wife Heidi while they were both scuba diving in Mexico, and now their kids, Lars and Anya, also have the travel bug.  The Wagoners are always looking forward to their next adventure!

Spain is their home base and they continue to embrace the world and different cultures.  They have inspired hundreds of people to visit Spain and helped many actually move to Spain as well.  They offer consulting and eBooks on the process to move to Spain!  The Wagoners are a true source of inspiration and proof you can make your dreams come true.  Follow them on FacebookPinterestYouTube and many of the other social media channel

If you’re ready to jump in with both feet and give 100% effort towards speaking more Spanish – Pueblo Espanol is for you!

Pueblo Español is all about full Spanish immersion! With expert staff, Diverbo facilitates over 100 hours of conversation in and 8-day period. The schedule is carefully designed so that students are constantly being challenged to use Spanish in a variety of contexts: one to ones, group activities, meals, mingling with Spaniards your age! 


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