The classes will take place in the Pueblo Español Headquarters in Madrid.

This will be the perfect training before the immersion program and will give you the opportunity to get to enjoy site seeing while practicing the language!

In our groups lessons, the students are the protagonists but the teacher is in charge at all times and is responsible for giving dynamic and energetic classes where the student really feels that they are getting a full-on workout.

The Pueblo Español approach is largely based on speaking and listening comprehension, since  most students struggle with these two key aspects of the language.

As a result our philosophy stresses:

Dynamic classes – students want to be engaged and challenged in class and want to improve quickly.

Practice over theory – students often have the theory but need lots of practice to develop speaking competency. Explanations are given when you see that the students require it.

Correcting mistakes – students want to speak well and are generally robust enough to accept regular correction.

No English (or other languages) in class – the more that students are required to do in Spanish, the better.

Accommodation is not included in this pack. We will offer a list of alternatives for your stay.