1,2,3…Ready for my Spanish immersion at Pueblo Español!

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Pre-Departure Remarks about Spanish learning program

Hola a todos! Soy Rebecca DiLuzio, a 19-year old student from the United States. In less than 24 hours, I am beginning my journey with Pueblo Espanol, an 8-day Spanish immersion program. Tomorrow morning (Saturday July 22), I have to wake up bright and early to meet all the participants at a hotel in Madrid, and then we all travel together to Baeza, a town in Andalusia, Spain, where our program is based.

This is the hotel in Madrid where the group stays upon arrival in Madrid. The company offers a Welcome and Departure pack for those travelling alone that includes airport pick-up and drop off, a cultural activity in Madrid, and the two nights stay (room and board sharing with another student).

I have been in Spain now for a couple days in order to prepare for this intensive spanish program. Something I have already learned: Spanish food is absolutely delicious–Fideuá, Jamon Iberico… give me everything!!! And not only is it riquísima, but you receive a LOT of it. At almost every restaurant, they have platos del dia in which for around 10-12 euros, give or take, you receive un primer plato, un segundo plato, una bebida, y un postre, todo incluido! Naturally, I have not been able to finish any of my meals thus far…

But you should have seen me trying to order food in the restaurants… Salmorejo? Lomo de cerdo? Cordero asado? Definitely words that I did not learn in my spanish classes back in the states. And this is exactly why I wanted to participate in Pueblo Espanol, a spanish program for cultural learning as well. I can’t wait for the Spaniards at the program, who will essentially be my conversational “tutors” for the week, to teach me about local cuisine while we’re sitting together at meals.

So how am I feeling right now? I think I am filled with a mix of 2 emotions: nervousness and excitement. I am nervous because I will have to leave my native tongue behind for a full 8 days and only speak in Spanish, Spanish, Spanish, as this is the unique methodology of Pueblo Espanol. What will happen when I can’t express what I want to say in Spanish? What if we’re doing an activity and I don’t understand the directions? How exhausted am I going to be every day after speaking so much of a foreign language?

But at the same time, I am extremely excited. I know I am going to meet incredible people from all over the world, and learn so many new things. I cannot wait to see my inevitable improvement from beginning to end, which you will be able to follow along with on this blog!

Now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to go back to watching Spanish Disney Channel in my hotel room to warm my ears up for what will surely be an exhausting day tomorrow!!!! Buenas tardes, y hasta luego!

Becca 🙂

This is Baeza the town in the South of Spain (Andalucia), where I will be staying during the 8 days of my Spanish immersion with Diverbo.

Guest post: Rebecca DiLuzzio is a Duke University student who is studying a Minor in Spanish. She has been a Pueblo Ingles volunteer teaching English to Spaniards in previous summer and will be joining us this summer to immerse herself in Spanish and take full advantage of her 8-days in Spain.

If you’re ready to jump in with both feet and give 100% effort towards speaking more Spanish – Pueblo Espanol is for you!

Pueblo Español is all about full Spanish immersion! With expert staff, Diverbo facilitates over 100 hours of conversation in and 8-day period. The schedule is carefully designed so that students are constantly being challenged to use Spanish in a variety of contexts: one to ones, group activities, meals, mingling with Spaniards your age! 


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