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1,2,3…Ready for my Spanish immersion at Pueblo Español!

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Pre-Departure Remarks about Spanish learning program Hola a todos! Soy Rebecca DiLuzio, a 19-year old student from the United States. In less than 24 hours, I am beginning my journey with Pueblo Espanol, an 8-day Spanish immersion program. Tomorrow morning (Saturday July 22), I have to wake up bright and early to meet all the participants at a hotel in Madrid, and then we all travel together to Baeza, a town in Andalusia, Spain, where our program is based. This is the hotel in Madrid ... Read More

Planning your travel abroad experience

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Whether you’ve never left your home country before, or have traveled around the globe, everyone is looking for the formula to a successful travel abroad opportunity. But when we say successful, we don’t just mean a great time…

4 Reasons to Try a Spanish Language Immersion Program

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Spanish immersion Salamanca

In an immersion program you speak every day all day in the language you are learning. Soon you start thinking in the language you are learning instead of translating each word in your head before you say it. This is invaluable! This is where the most important learning and retention happens…