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Meeting other people with different customs and sharing with them seven days for 12 hours a day in Pueblo Español has been an authentic experience that I would not mind repeating. By Carmen Martínez When my daughter told me about this wonderful (I can tell you) project, I did not hesitate to go. I like new things and in a way any kind of adventure. It’s important to mention that those who come as, let’s call it “teachers”, we take part in the program as …

The Pueblo of La Alberca in Salamanca, Spain

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A Week in a Small Pueblo in Northern Spain If you love traveling to small, off the beaten path villages and truly experiencing a language and culture, you will love La Alberca in the Salamanca region of Northern Spain. Recently I attended Pueblo Espanol's 8 Day Immersion program in this tiny village and I learned SO much during my time there. Not only did I speak Spanish more continuously (even if not correctly) and fluidly than ever before in my life (100 % Spanish every hour of every ...